Buy Cookies Online! New Foodie Paradise!

The world is divided into two kinds of people- those who eat to live and those who live to eat. Even though there are plenty of people of the first kind, thankfully we have foodies who conveniently fall into the second category. Eating becomes a kind of worship rather than a process and food becomes the religion! Foodies thrive on variety and not just the plain old dal chawal! In fact we foodies can add life to even the dullest of food items! A spoonful of spicy chutney and some papad can turn boring into interesting!

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Talking about interesting, how can we forget cookies? Combined with chocolates, cookies should be literally declared as official ambassadors of love personified! Some of the best cookies in the entire country can be found at Karachi Bakery in Hyderabad. Yeah we know the names can be a little confusing since Karachi is a city in Pakistan and Hyderabad is in India yet there is no equal when it comes to taste. Trust us on this one, the sight itself of those cookies brimming with chocolate chips will have you drooling! If you are not from Hyderabad and don’t live anywhere in its vicinity, there is still hope for you!


Lately there have been introduction of online platforms such where you can buy cookies online among other sweets and snacks. Sounds too good to be true? Yes it is absolutely! Food and Beverage service has gone online with a guarantee of freshness, quality and great taste and leading in this new niche is You can actually sit inside the comfort of your home, browse these amazing dishes and buy them online. What is truly awesome is that you can have them delivered right up to your doorstep or in case you have a foodie friend, you can even surprise them with the delivery guy bringing their favorite snack!

So basically with these new technologies and platforms like, you get to be lazy or devote your time to other things all the while not having to compromise with the quality or taste. You need to travel to far away cities, negotiate unruly crowds, ask a dozen people for directions and more often than not ending up getting lost! All the distance you have to travel is from your bed to your laptop, all the travelling you have to do is to drag the cursor to the address bar, then walk your fingers across the keyboard typing and bingo! Select the food item and you’re done!


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